Services for exhaust systems and mufflers

Why does your car need an exhaust system?

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The exhaust system preserves your motor’s efficiency, reducing noise, and noxious fumes created by the catalytic converter. A damaged or defective exhaust system increases the amount of environmentally damageable pollutants that are released, reduces the motor’s efficiency and consequently, increases fuel consumption.

What is a muffler?

If you’ve ever heard a car run without a muffler, you know what a huge difference it makes in regards to the noise level. Inside a muffler, you’ll find a group of perforated tubes that is more complicated than it looks at first glance. These tubes and chambers are tuned as carefully as a musical instrument. They are designed to harmonize with the sound waves created by the motor so as to neutralize and partially cancel them out.

What is a resonator?

Certain vehicles also have a resonator, which along with the muffler, helps reduce the noise created by the motor even further. A resonator looks like a muffler, contains a specific volume of air and is exactly the perfect length for your vehicle in order to cancel out certain sound frequencies from the exhaust.

Muffler West Island514•MUFFLER is a specialist in exhaust system replacements, and offers a quality choice of replacement exhaust pieces made of both stainless steel and aluminum that are designed to suit most cars, sport utility vehicles, and imported and North American light duty trucks.

514•MUFFLER carries the Walker SoundFX aluminized direct-fit mufflers. SoundFX mufflers are constructed from fully aluminized materials and come with a LIFETIME warranty.


For the budget conscious 514•MUFFLER also carries the Pro-Fit line of mufflers from Walker that feature aluminized steel covers and they come with a 1-year warranty.

When inspecting the muffler system, both in our Montreal and West Island muffler service centers, we want to be sure all welding points are in perfect condition.


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