Replacement and inspection services of car’s suspension systems

514•MUFFLER is the suspension control systems specialist

Need to replace your suspension system?

Thanks to our mechanics’ expertise, you will be provided with the best solution according to your needs.

It is normal for car parts to gradually deteriorate. The driver will usually notice malfunction when a part starts failing the system and when it does, that means it was not detected in time. A regular multi-point vehicle inspection is therefore the best way to avoid such issues.

Why is your suspension system important?

Crucial to your vehicle steering stability, the suspension system also increases safety and comfort. An efficient suspension system helps you keep control of your vehicle and avoid early tire wear.

The suspension in short


  • Maintains the vehicle’s normal height and supports its weight in a balanced way.
  • Muffles the road flaws allowing a comfortable drive.
  • Contributes to a balanced wheel alignment.
  • Ensures better road grip
  • Provides better steering control
  • Pay close attention to these driving aspects or to any change in your vehicle’s behavior. If in doubt, bring us your vehicle so we can assess the state of your suspension.