Garage offering quality wheel alignment service in Montreal and the West Island

Proper wheel alignment is not just a matter of general mechanics, it is also a matter of safety and efficiency. Indeed, in addition to saving you money by reducing your fuel consumption, it also allows you to avoid premature wear of your tires, steering system and suspension. At 514 Muffler, we have the new 3D laser technology for optimal wheel alignment.

What is Automotive Alignment?

What is commonly referred to as alignment is actually wheel geometry. In other words, it is the angle of the wheels relative to the driving path of the vehicle. But automotive alignment isn’t just about tires. There are also three components to consider, i.e. camber, toe-in, and caster. If any of these are misaligned, your tires will exhibit resistance during rotation.

Your safety first

When the wheel alignment is optimal, you should be able to drive safely without feeling that your vehicle is tending to the right or left. Do you have doubts? Here is an easy test to check the condition of your tires. When driving on the highway, you should be able to drive in a straight line even if you briefly let go of the steering wheel. Is this impossible for you? Driving safely on the road is a priority. Make an appointment quickly at our car garage so that our technicians can rectify the situation.

Save energy and money

Driving a vehicle with altered wheel geometry causes uneven tread wear and increases fuel consumption, as the vehicle must use more energy to counteract the effects of rolling resistance.

But when all four tires of your vehicle are perfectly parallel and all the elements are well aligned, it creates much less friction and resistance, which undoubtedly brings a reduction in energy. Who says less energy, also says less fuel and therefore less money!

Properly aligned wheels provide better manoeuvrability and control of the vehicle. For an alignment of your tires by professional mechanics, contact our tire centre in Montreal or on the West Island.